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Paid sick days are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, if you’re actually sick you really should not have to worry that your illness is going to cost you your livelihood. On the other, a business owner doesn’t get any productivity from you when you’re sick.

The problem with someone who is sick and getting paid for it is that eventually that will hurt the business to the point that it goes under and then there’s no money for anyone. At the same time, any business should be able to afford to pay a worker for a few days of illness. Extended illness is another story, and usually that’s where it becomes an issue where a business isn’t a charity, and if you can’t work you don’t get paid. Finding the proper balance between these various competing interests is an important issue.

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One of the best ways to avoid illness besides getting enough sleep, is to stay fit and active. People who exercise more have healthier immune systems. This article from NIH shows some of the benefits and why it works that way.

For those more serious about exercise that want to improve their bodies, you could buy some equipment for CrossFit that allows you to perform intense exercises and train hard enough to see improvements in body composition as well.

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