Women’s letter to Speaker Quinn

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Dear Speaker Christine Quinn,

A million workers in New York City lack paid sick days to care for their own health or the health of a family member.

We call on you to bring the Paid Sick Time Act to a vote.

Women are half of all American workers. Without paid sick days, too many working women and men face an impossible choice between their family’s health and their financial security when they get sick.

A majority of the City Council supports this proposal. We ask you to  allow the democratic process to work.

Please give New York women and men the guarantee that getting sick won’t mean losing pay or losing a job.

We respectfully urge you to bring this bill to a vote.


Gloria Steinem
Jennifer Buffett
Hazel Dukes
Hon. Gale Brewer
Anne Delaney
Ai-Jen Poo
Maria Castaneda
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum
Ana Maria Archila

and hundreds of leading women across New York City.

Add your name to the letter.

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